How To Clean Vomit Out Of Couch

Vomit stains on your expensive couch are unbearable and difficult to remove. And almost everyone has faced this disaster more often. Managing couch stains are a common issue when you have pets and kids at your place. Moreover, if your kid is suffering from gastric problems, then it may result in vomiting on the couch. Not only the vomit leaves a stain on the couch but also causes a bad odour of it. The longer you will clean the vomit from the couch, it will make the condition of the fabric worse. Ultimately you have to act immediately to remove the staining from the couch. But the question arises How To Clean Vomit Out Of Couch? Don’t worry in this article we have shared tips on How To Clean Vomit Out Of Couch in detail. Let’s start. 

Effective Tips To Clean Vomit Out Of The Couch 

Following are tips to clean vomit out of the carpet. Check them out now.

1. Fast Action

Never leave the vomit on the couch for too long. You must always remove the vomit from the couch otherwise it can damage its fabric and will leave permanent stains on it. Simply the couch fabric will absorb the liquid and make it difficult to remove. Therefore, it’s best to remove the vomit as soon as possible. To remove vomit stains from the couch use a bladed knife. Then blot up the remaining liquid with a fat paper towel. Make sure with blotting you can absorb the moisture as much as possible. 

2. Remove The Moisture

For removing the vomit from the couch take a wet-dry vacuum. Put a clean absorbent cloth on the affected area for absorbing moisture. Baking soda is the best option to clean vomit out of the couch. In this type of situation just sprinkle baking soda and it will absorb the rest of the liquid. However, wait for the baking soda to rest before vacuuming it. Nevertheless, you must remove the baking soda with a comb before vacuuming.

3. Eliminate The Vomit Stain

You can also remove the vomit stain from the couch very easily. However, it’s better to hire professionals to remove vomit stains from the couch. But on an urgent basis, you can follow the DIY methods for it. Thus if you want to use the DIY method take one part of white vinegar and mix it with detergent. Make sure you first test the solution above at the small part. Then blot the solution with a clean cloth. Repeat the process again and again till the vomit stain is fully eliminated from the couch. 

4. Rinse Plus Blot

After applying the above solution on the couch, remember to rinse it with clean water. A solution left on the couch for too long can cause discolouration on the fabric. Yes, sometimes natural products like vinegar can even harm the couch fabric. So, avoid using excessive water on the couch as it will leave a brown mark. For drying the couch you can use the method of blotting instead of rubbing. Thus you must do this very quickly for desired results.

5. Dry

To check that no stain is left it’s better to fully dry up the couch-stained area and then analyse it. Well, air ventilation is a must for couch drying. However, you can place the air heater to dry up the couch. Apart from this, you can even dry the couch with a hair dryer or by just opening the window. Once your couch is dry, it will get stain and smell-free.


Hope you liked the given tips to clean vomit out of the couch. If you are still lingering with the stain and bad odour from the couch. Then we recommend not delaying and just contacting the certified couch cleaning experts for the best result. Moreover, the key to the success of the above steps is to clean vomit from the couch immediately as it happens. Hence, by following the above tips on time, you will be amazed at the results.