Furniture Cleaning

Hire The Best Experts For Furniture Cleaning In Your Property 

Karls Couch Cleaning Canberra is the one that is committed to offering great quality services to our clients. Our furniture cleaning services are highly effective in making the furniture in your property squeaky clean. Thanks to the most advanced techniques and innovative methods that our team has in store to offer. The way we approach the problem is persuasive and get the best results eventually. Tackling the concerns relating to your furniture such as stubborn stains, foul odour, etc. Our professional couch cleaning team is highly skilful in performing the services that are proven to be able to offer great results. This is the best way to treat the furniture to get the outcomes that you desire.

Our team can aim to get rid of even the deep-seated stains, other tough particles and many more. So, to know more about our services, contact us at 02 6105 9869. We even accept advanced bookings, so do make an appointment in advance to get early access to our services. 

We Can Clean Different Types Of Furniture, Here Are A Few! 

Want to know what types of furniture pieces we deal with? Our team is the best when it comes to making your furniture look its best. Every specific piece of furniture requires a different kind of cleaning method which is suitable for it. Only then can we attain great results. The following are furniture pieces that we can deal with: 

  • Sofas 
  • Couches 
  • Love seats 
  • Armchairs 
  • Sectionals 
  • Ottomans 
  • Mattresses 
  • Lounging chairs 
  • Dining chairs 
  • Upholstered chairs 
  • Leather chairs
  • Office chairs, etc 

If you want to know more about it or would want to get additional information regarding your concerns, feel free to reach out to us. Our team will answer your queries and gives you the necessary information. 

The Furniture Cleaning Process Is As Follows 

Our experts perform the best quality furniture cleaning services that give you long-lasting results. Without having to waste a lot of water resources, we perform the tasks with minimal water usage and leave no residue. To deep clean, our team uses the most gentle yet effective cleaning solutions that show visible results. And to ensure that we can obtain the desired outcomes, it is our responsibility to follow standard protocol which is suitable for different kinds of furniture pieces. Not only that, we use advanced cleaning tools that can effectively function to get rid of dirt or grime particles. Here is how we do it: 

  • We inspect the furniture pieces and assess them properly. This helps in understanding it better and creating an inspection report also helps. So we will create an inspection report to take further action. 
  • Using steam cleaning or dry cleaning, our experts will thoroughly clean the furniture. 
  • Majority of the time we opt for steam cleaning because it is very effective in breaking down the murk and other particles. Only if the furniture is sensitive to water, our experts will opt for dry cleaning. 
  • Using exclusive technology, we whisk away stubborn stains and grime particles. This helps in making the furniture and its upholstery cleaner and dirt-free. 
  • As we use fewer quantities of water, the time to get the furniture dry won’t take long. So, we use dryers to make sure that there are no water remnants. 

Key Furniture Stain And Odour Removal Services That We Offer In Addition! 

As a part of our protocol, there are certain services that we stick to. But we are also specialized in offering various other services apart from furniture cleaning. Using stain protectants and deodorisers, our experts require the best services in addition to furniture cleaning alone. There is a vast range of speciality services that you can enjoy! Here are a few: 

  • Stain Removal: In case your furniture is stained and you are having a hard time cleaning it, you can simply rely on our stain removal services. Using the most efficient stain removal agents, our team will strive to get rid of the stains completely. You don’t have to make the greasy and unsightly stains anymore. Be it stains due to food spills or beverage spills, using the right products, we can eliminate them. 
  • Stain Protectant: Furniture often gets stained. If yes, We have the best solution for you! With the help of stain-protecting agents and protectants, our experts will make sure that the furniture is completely secured and free from getting stained. This way you can keep your furniture spotless and also attain good-looking furniture. This enhances the look of your furniture which in turn improves the aesthetics of your property. 
  • Deodorization: Furniture even gets a foul odour. The reasons could be many. We are here to rescue it. Our deodorisation methods involve the elimination of pet pee, human sweat removal, etc. This is proven to be the best and most promising service that can keep your furniture fragrant. Because there are several factors that can make them smell bad, only our experts can find an apt solution for it. 
  • Pet Stains And Odours: Pet buddies are all fun and exciting but not the stains and foul odour they cause! For this reason, you need to get regular pet stains and odour removal services from us. Our experts will aid you in treating the furniture making your furniture fragrant as we completely deodorize it. Pet pee is also the major reason for causing pet stains, we use ultraviolet light that helps in spot treatment. 


How to reach out to your team to get furniture cleaning services? 

Our team is just a phone call away, so if you need our services, just make a call and book an appointment right away. Reaching out to our team is that easy! 

Do you clean furniture pieces like couches and sofas? 

Yes! We offer our furniture cleaning to clean a wide range of furniture pieces. Therefore, it makes it the best choice for cleaning sofas and couches as well. 

Are your professional furniture cleaning services expensive? 

No! The furniture cleaning services that we offer are highly affordable and decently priced. This makes our services budget-friendly and doesn’t constrain your finances as well.