Upholstery Health Study

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Karls Couch Cleaning Canberra is the trusted company you can rely on when it comes to maintaining upholstery health. Upholstery is the best one in trapping allergens and other microbes and aids in maintaining indoor air quality to some extent. Carpets and upholstery are known for trapping minute particles, this calls for regular upholstery cleaning. Thus our team helps you in getting the upholstery clean and also helps you with the upholstery health study. Using the right equipment, our experts will perform the upholstery cleaning service, which will result in the greatest outcome. Getting our service is extremely helpful for you, in case you people suffer from asthma and allergies. 

To make your upholstery clean and dirt-free, contact us right away. To make sure that your house has the best indoor air quality, getting our experts on board is key! We can clean your upholstery thoroughly and keep it in a good condition. In addition to this, vacuuming religiously has also pretty great outcomes. As per experts’ advice getting your upholstery cleaned professionally once every 6 months is ideal. Not only does it help you in removing dirt but it also aids in eliminating allergens and other disease-causing organisms. 

You Can Get the Best Upholstery Cleaning Results 

Our experts have been consistently the best choice for all our clients. Not only do we offer great quality services, but we also help them in attaining Superior quality outcomes. We have a track of making upholstery free from allergens by 98% and getting rid of airborne bacteria and other microbes by 89% in addition to enhancing indoor air quality. All these factors collectively show the efficiency of our experts. 

To know more about an upholstery health study, you can reach out to us. Most people suffer the diseases caused due to airborne microbes that are highly potent and can cause disorders. Especially people with Asthma are highly affected due to this particulate matter. Since they trigger allergic responses and cause difficulty in breathing, you should take extra care. So improving your indoor air quality is the best thing to do! 

As we all know that people often spend 90% of their time indoors, so it is necessary for you to get professional upholstery and carpet cleaning regularly. This helps in maintaining your family’s health well and without getting exposed to allergens. 

If you want to know what our experts can do to your property to make your property free from dust particles, you can simply measure the effectiveness of our services. This can be measured by considering various factors like getting rid of unnecessary elements and unhealthy stuff. 

For this, we have an independent laboratory that measures the air quality and conducts the study. This study includes the usage of the hot carbonation extraction (HCE) method. This we perform at various houses making it evident that our services can create an impact by reducing allergens and microbes. 

The HCE method has given the best results! This implies that our cleaning method can remove allergens up to 98% and can make sure that household allergens are removed to a larger extent. Mostly the common allergens that we encounter are dog and cat dander. In addition, we also include the removal of dust mite allergens as they play a major role in causing allergies. 

Removes Bacteria And Improves Indoor Air Quality 

With our services, we can eliminate 89% of bacteria that is present in the air. 

Indoor air quality has always been the most talked about issue. It is a significant health concern that can be extremely responsible for various ailments. On average, a house can harbour up to 2,00,000 bacteria per every square inch of upholstery/carpet. 

As long as the bacteria gets accumulated, the number of bacterial cells entering the circulating air increases. Upon ignoring regular cleaning or vacuuming, these microbes start to stirrup and enter the air that you breathe. 

Our experts are not only best at cleaning upholstery but also play a major role in improving indoor air quality. Our leading air quality laboratory has found that with our process, you can remove microbes, especially bacteria, from up to 89% of the air. And 82.3% of the bacteria from upholstery. All these results were found by using the HCE process. All these help you in imparting knowledge and help in better upholstery health study. 

How To Get In Touch With Our Experts?

To get in touch with our experts, we want you to make a hassle-free booking. Since our experts take the responsibility for making your upholstery free of particulate matter, you can happily breathe without having to worry about allergens and allergies. Though you are not allergic to dust, it is ideal to choose our expert services which will make your property the best and dust-free. Whatever your concern may be, you can simply rely on us. In addition to improving indoor air quality, we can even get rid of dust mites, bacteria and other allergens. So make the right choice. And contact us at 02 6105 9869.

To ensure a safe and healthy property and to keep junk particles away from you and your family, all you need to do is contact us. Build a healthy environment in your house by getting our services right away! Without any further delay, make your appointment now. Once you make an appointment, our team will reach your location in no time.